Democrats turned their fire on Bernie Sanders at the last presidential debate before Super Tuesday

Democrats turned their fire on Bernie Sanders at the last presidential debate before Super Tuesday in a late attempt to halt the frontrunner’s momentum.

During a fractious and messy two hours which was at times rendered incoherent by the seven candidates’ desperation to speak, Mr Sanders was attacked over his record on guns, his healthcare plans and his electability.

Hundreds of guests including Britons remain in limbo today with the hotel in quarantine and holidaymakers confined to their bedrooms.

Canary Islands president Angel Victor Torres announced last night that the tourists would have to remain in the H10 Costa Adeje Palace until further notice.

“Access the expertise of China,” said Aylward, speaking in a personal capacity at the World Health Organisation in Geneva. “They have done this at speed and they know what they are doing. They are really, really good at it.”

China’s epidemic has peaked and the numbers are on their way down, thanks to an unprecedented engagement at every level by the Chinese, he said. The data they saw suggested it had saved many people from sickness and possible death. “Hundreds of thousands of people in China did not get COVID-19 because of this aggressive response,” he said.

But comparisons were also drawn to the 2002 riots in Gujarat, when police were accused of letting rioting Hindus massacre around one thousand Muslims across the state. The chief minister in Gujarat at the time was Narendra Modi, while Amit Shah – his right-hand man and India’s current home minister – was then the state’s home minister.

Mr Shah is now responsible for maintaining law and order in Delhi, and on Wednesday the opposition leader Sonia Gandhi called for him to resign over the riots.

Domingo Nunez, head of Epidemiology of the Canary Islands Health Service, defended the decision to keep the hotel on lockdown yesterday after it emerged a guest had tested positive for coronavirus.

He said: “We are convinced there wasn’t another option to the measures that were adopted, at least as an initial measure of contention against the spread of the virus.