Donald Trump has arrived in India where he received a bear hug from Narendra Modi and a lavish welcome from the locals

Donald Trump has arrived in India where he received a bear hug from Narendra Modi and a lavish welcome from the locals – only to then mangle the pronounciation of several key names in his address to a 100,000-strong crowd at the Motera Stadium in Ahmedabad, including that of legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar. Modi in turn mispoke and called him “Doland Trump”.

The president dished out lavish praise for the country, hailing its economic progress and thriving Bollywood film industry and celebrating the authoritarian prime minister as “very tough”, winning a huge cheer from the crowd in pledging to snuff out the threat of “radical Islamic terrorism”.

He broke his own record again In October 2012 by fathering another son Ranjeet – when he was 96.

The couple even claimed to have sex three times a night in their hut in Kharkhoda, Sonipat, outside the Indian capital of New Delhi.

However, in every head-to-head contest between Mr Trump and the leading Democratic candidates the race was tight. Among likely voters Mr Sanders, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren were all narrowly favoured to beat the president, with Mr Sanders’s 3 per cent margin of victory the largest.

Democratic party grandees have painted a different picture. James Carville, who helped to mastermind Bill Clinton’s 1992 election victory, said that with Mr Sanders as the nominee “the risk in losing the election is deep and profound”. He blamed Mr Sanders’s opponents for failing to draw enough scrutiny to his record. “We gotta hope that some of these candidates develop political skills quickly.”

The wealthy Lombardy region which includes Milan is the worst-affected area, while 25 people have been infected in neighbouring Veneto which includes Venice.   

Authorities in Lombardy and Veneto have locked down 11 towns and banned public events including Masses, while Milan’s famous cathedral has been closed to visitors and bars and restaurants have been ordered to close.

The Iranian government has denied trying to cover up the full extent of the coronavirus outbreak after reports suggested the death toll from the disease was more than four times higher than official figures claim.

On Monday, a lawmaker from Qom – a Shia holy city 75 miles (120km) south of the capital, Tehran, which has had a cluster of cases – accused Iran’s health minister of “lying” about the scale of the outbreak.