The world is fast approaching a “tipping point” in the spread of the coronavirus

The world is fast approaching a “tipping point” in the spread of the coronavirus, according to experts who warn that the disease is outpacing efforts to contain it, after major outbreaks forced Italy and Iran to introduce stringent internal travel restrictions and South Korea’s president placed the country on red alert.

Some of the countries most affect by the virus are scrambling to halt its progress two days after Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the director general of the World Health Organization (WHO), said the international community needed to act quickly before the narrowing “window of opportunity” closed completely.

Stray cows were loaded into yellow cattle trucks, to be taken outside the city limits and released, while tens of thousands of police and security personnel patrolled roads, including some riding in formation mounted on camels.

The Trumps are expected to touch down in Air Force One around 1pm local time, where they will be met by prime minister Narendra Modi and then led past a “roadshow” of stages representing the 28 states of India, culminating in a “Namaste Trump” rally in the 110,000-capacity Motera stadium.

She was only discovered by fire fighters after they had put out the flames. A witness told the paper that six people were watching as the car was subsumed by the flames.

Perhaps most ominously for Sanders’s rivals, he won roughly 53% of the Latino vote in Nevada, a dominant figure in what is still a seven person race.

In east Last Vegas, home to many of the city’s Latino community, Sanders won precinct after precinct at a canter. “Bernie has been out here talking to Latino voters, speaking to us for a long time,” said Erwin Moran, 42, a landscape gardener. “He made much more effort than the other candidates.

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier laid flowers near the scene and embraced Metin Ünvar, the father of Ferhat who was killed in the atrocity, during a candle-lit vigil in Hanau today.

Mohammed was at one of the shisha bars when the shooting began and told German broadcaster Blick he hid behind a wall as the gunman unloaded bullets inside the cafe.