One of Wuhan’s most senior doctors has died after contracting the coronavirus

One of Wuhan’s most senior doctors has died after contracting the coronavirus as authorities began a sweeping campaign inside the city to seek out patients infected with the virus.

Liu Zhiming had taken part in the battle against the virus from the start and had made important contributions in fighting and controlling Covid-19, the Wuhan municipal health commission said. During that process, “unfortunately he became infected and passed away at 10:54 Tuesday morning at the age of 51 after all-out efforts to save him failed”, the commission said.

The Federal Judges Association is meanwhile holding an emergency meeting on Tuesday to discuss concerns arising from attorney general William Barr’s intervention in the sentencing of Republican operative Roger Stone last week.

Democratic Super PAC Priorities USA has launched a series of new 2020 attack ads likening the president to South American dictators in a bid to appeal to Latino voters whose families emigrated from countires like Cuba and Venezuela dreaming of a better quality of life.

She fell down as the bull – which had been pitted against another animal – relented and walked down the stand before he was captured by venue staff.

The victim was taken to hospital after receiving first aid at the scene.

The telephone data is said to show that early last year until just before his trip to Berlin, the alleged killer was in frequent communication with as many as eight members of the Vympel Association, three of whom held senior positions.

Vympel, now known as Special Group “V”, was founded by the KGB in the early 1980s for sabotage, anti-terrorism and other covert operations.

The lockdown officially ends tomorrow, but only around 500 passengers are expected to leave the ship on Wednesday. 

Any passengers who were close to virus patients will have to finish a 14-day quarantine from the date of their last contact, while Japan says it may take days to complete the departure process for the others.