Another 99 cases of coronavirus have today been confirmed on board the Diamond Princess

Another 99 cases of coronavirus have today been confirmed on board the Diamond Princess, with hundreds of passengers still in the dark over when they will leave.

The dozens of new cases bring the total on board the ship to 454 just two days before the quarantine is due to end.

In a statement, the ministry said three Israelis on the cruise ship had tested positive for coronavirus and would remain in Japan. However, the ministry added it was contacting insurance companies of the remaining 12 Israeli nationals onboard to have them flown back via a special direct flight.

“Upon returning they will enter home quarantine and undergo medical follow-up tests,” it said.

Here’s Jon Sharman with the latest on the race for the nomination to take on Trump in November.

Over the weekend, Joe Biden called on Bernie to take responsibility for his supporters’ “vicious, malicious” behaviour after they threatened members of Nevada’s Culinary Workers Union online for not supporting their man’s Medicare for All proposal.

Earlier this year a report by child rights organisation Sahil revealed that between January and June last year, 1,304 cases of sexual abuse against children had been reported in Pakistan.

It added that during that time 12 boys and four girls had been murdered after being sexually assaulted.

Juan Branco, 30, a Franco-Spanish lawyer who is a prominent member of the yellow-vest campaign, was alleged to have aided the plot to end Mr Griveaux’s career. He denied this, saying that Mr Pavlensky had contacted him before publishing the video only to seek legal advice. There was no move to arrest Mr Branco yesterday but prosecutors barred him from acting as Mr Pavlensky’s lawyer, which suggests they may want to question him later.

Bruno Questel, an En Marche MP, said: “It’s obvious that all this has been orchestrated. [Mr Pavlensky] does not disguise that he wants to attack Macronism in a general way. Through the candidacy in Paris, it is of course the president who is being targeted. The aim of those who have never accepted the result [of the 2017 presidential election] is to destabilise the president and those who are close to him.”