Donald Trump is not ruling out pardoning longtime friend-turned-political adviser Roger Stone

Donald Trump is not ruling out pardoning longtime friend-turned-political adviser Roger Stone, setting up yet another cliffhanger in his made-for-television presidency.

After firing off a tweet on Monday morning calling the Justice Department’s plans to seek a nine-year sentence for Mr Stone “a horrible and very unfair situation” and a “miscarriage of justice,” DOJ leaders announced they would seek a softer sentence. What followed was a tsunami of outrage by Democratic lawmakers and some legal experts, warning Mr Trump, after his Senate acquittal, is throwing around unprecedented amounts of presidential power.

Pictures from the scene show derailed carriages.

It is not yet known how many people were onboard when the crash happened, but a number are understood to have been trapped inside following the collision.

The former vice-president bailed out of the small state of mainly white voters while voting was still ongoing and held a rally last night in South Carolina, the fourth state contest at the end of the month, where the black voters who have so far largely stuck with Mr Biden make up a majority of the electorate.

There is growing clamour across the Democratic party to change the traditional system of two small, white states holding the first picks.

The woman can be heard screaming after workers donning pink hazmat suits closed the door of the cube.

The video was shot on February 6 in Suzhou, eastern China, and the two people are a couple, according to Chinese state media Global Times.

Two officials have been fired, Wuhan’s mayor admitted failings in a live interview on national television, and the central government has sent a team to investigate the treatment of the whistleblowing doctor Li Wenliang.

Security forces punished Li, 34, for trying to warn colleagues about the risks of a dangerous new disease at the end of December. Just over a month later he became one of the youngest victims of the coronavirus. His death made him a household name and triggered a rare discussion in China about freedom of speech.