When she was nine years old, Shohreh Bayat’s father took out a chess set and taught her how to play

When she was nine years old, Shohreh Bayat’s father took out a chess set and taught her how to play. He picked it because it was one of the few sports where he could watch his daughter compete: swimming, even football, would have been out of the question under the laws of the Islamic Republic.

She excelled. Within a few years Bayat was ranked No 1 in Iran for her age. Soon afterwards she joined the national team — representing her country across the world. She loved the mental gymnastics of chess, the depth, the endless combinations of moves.

Another man covered part of her body with a towel as she was led away in front of a crowd of people on the island of Maafushi, in the Kaafu atoll.

Police commissioner Mohamed Hameed said an ‘incident in which our officers restrained a female tourist seems to be badly handled’.

The attack began late on Saturday afternoon when the gunman fired at people at an army barracks, killing the commanding officer of the 22nd Ammunition Battalion, in which the suspect also served. Thomma, who livestreamed the attacks on social media, stole military guns, ammunition and a vehicle before driving to the city centre and shooting at people both inside and around the Terminal 21 shopping centre. “I can’t run away because I don’t know where the shooter is. I am here with about 20 people,” one man, who called himself Mr Green, told the Thai state broadcaster MCOT on Saturday from inside the mall.

Another woman, Ms Uam, said she hid with 30 people inside a storage room, where they stayed for around six hours with the lights turned off. “All of us switched off our phones. No one posted anything on social media,” she told Thairath TV. She was later able to flee at around 11pm local time.

The Oregon-born OR-7 was famously the first wild grey wolf documented in California since the species was widely eradicated in the 20th century. Its presence helped push California’s Fish and Game Commission to vote in 2014 to establish state protections for grey wolves under the California Endangered Species Act. It travelled widely before returning to Oregon, finding a mate and starting the Rogue Pack.

In 2018, OR-54 followed its father’s pawsteps to the Golden State.

According to the country’s local news service, Raajje.mv, the woman was arrested shortly after 5pm local time on Thursday for ‘indecent exposure’.

It reported that police suspected the woman to be ‘under the influence of alcohol’.