A man has transformed his 4×4 truck into a mobile travel home costing almost £20,000

A man has transformed his 4×4 truck into a mobile travel home costing almost £20,000.

Tim Johnson, 38, based in Alaska, had been using a run-down vehicle to explore the country until last year when he upgraded to a 1996 Ford F350.

Yet the new superpower putting a wedge between Britain and America is also the source of the new coronavirus that was declared a global threat by the World Health Organisation on Thursday.

Authorities believe it came from a so-called wet market — where caged live animals including civet cats and snakes are on offer for their meat — in Wuhan, an ultra-modern city the size of London.

Italy’s health ministry has now confirmed that two Chinese cruise ship passengers tested negative for the virus that has killed 170 people so far in the city of Wuhan. 

Costa Cruises was offering to pay for food and hotels for some 1,140 people who had been due to disembark at the Civitavecchia port near Rome early Thursday, and the Costa Smeralda was to set sail again Friday, Italian media said.

One user wrote: “These supplies are for the doctors, not the government.” Another said: “They are still using this completely insincere bureaucratic way of talking to the people? Disappointed.” Another: “Shameless … Have some dignity. The whole country is watching.”

Others pointed out the privileges of officials over the general public. Across China, people have struggled to buy masks and other protective equipment. A Weibo user posted under the video: “If you can’t buy masks, where do you think ordinary citizens go to buy them?”

The first lady also gave a rare speech, in which she appeared to signal a decision to play a more involved, public role in her husband’s campaign than in 2016.

“I am looking forward to campaigning and fighting for Americans and our great nation,” Melania Trump said, while someone behind the camera can be heard to remark happily how “different” she is from Michelle Obama.​