An adjunct professor in Massachusetts has been fired for what he now calls a “bad attempt at humour”

An adjunct professor in Massachusetts has been fired for what he now calls a “bad attempt at humour” amid uneasy tensions between the US and Iran.

The Babson College professor, Asheen Phansey, had posted his joke earlier in the week after Donald Trump threatened to potentially commit a war crime by bombing 52 Iranian cultural sites, if necessary.

He reportedly said: “She trapped me, she wanted to get some money. 

“She is not a worker, but a sloth. Her job is to chase older men and walk the dog. When you don’t know about something, don’t talk, I don’t need fame.

The commanders’ boasts, while intended primarily for a domestic audience, may presage the end of state retaliation and the beginning of renewed confrontation with the US through the regional proxies cultivated by Qasem Soleimani. His successor as head of the IRGC’s Quds Force vowed to continue his strategy, using militias to extend Iran’s influence in the region and try to harass US troops into departing. “We will continue in this luminous path with power,” General Esmail Ghaani said.

President Rouhani of Iran spoke by phone with European leaders yesterday, including Boris Johnson, who urged both sides to step back. The prime minister said that Britain was committed to the nuclear deal with Iran despite pressure from Mr Trump for European signatories to walk away.

Justin Trudeau, Donald Trump and Boris Johnson have all pointed the finger at Iran as the NATO allies rejected Iran’s explanation of a technical failure. Iran accused the West of waging ‘psychological warfare’ and inventing a ‘big lie’ as it denied the claims today.   

He said he had watched a video clip purporting to show the plane being hit by a missile before crashing to the ground but said “this cannot be confirmed from a scientific perspective”.

He said the pilot had been in contact with the control tower two minutes before the accident, asking if he could ascend to 26,000 feet. After the fire broke out, the crew would have been consumed with “saving the plane”, he said, and so would not have been able to communicate further to explain what had gone wrong.