A couple have issued a groveling apology after being caught having sex on a Thai beach

A couple have issued a groveling apology after being caught having sex on a Thai beach. Russians Roman Grigorenko, 26, and Daria Vinogradova, 19, were filmed romping in Pattaya, Thailand, on New Year’s Eve.

While hundreds of homes were lost across New South Wales on the day, Mr Abbott and his colleagues managed to save every home on one burning street. The footage drew praise for Mr Abbott, who was ousted as prime minister by his own colleagues in favour of the moderate Malcolm Turnbull in 2015. Mr Abbott, who attended Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar, lost his Sydney seat at last year’s general election, ending his 25 years in parliament.

A Government source claimed the President would ensure her freedom after ‘considering the girl’s young age and the outcry which the case has generated both in and out of Cyprus’ – and denied it was because of British pressure.

It came as protesters chanted ‘boycott Cyprus’ outside the Cypriot High Commission in London today in support of a British teenager convicted of lying about being gang-raped because of flaws in the case and a questionable confession secured by detectives.

At the start of the New York trial, protesters including the actors Rose McGowan and Rosanna Arquette confronted Weinstein as he got out of his car. More than 80 women have accused Weinstein of sexual misconduct, including Gwyneth Paltrow and Ashley Judd. In a civil case against Weinstein, more than 30 women recently secured a $25m settlement, but the deal sparked intense backlash since Weinstein did not have to pay with his own money and did not have to admit guilt.

In a statement, Mr Schumer called Mr Bolton’s willingness to testify a reflection of continuing “momentum for uncovering the truth” in the Senate’s eventual trial of Mr Trump and said that any Republican senators who opposed a subpoena for the ex-Trump aide or his papers “would be participating in a cover-up” in light of statements from Mr Bolton’s lawyers acknowledging that he has relevant information to share.

“John Bolton correctly acknowledged that he needs to comply with a Senate subpoena to compel his testimony, if issued. It is now up to four Senate Republicans to support bringing in Mr Bolton, and the other three witnesses, as well as the key documents we have requested to ensure all the evidence is presented at the onset of a Senate trial,” Mr Schumer said.