Donald Trump has prompted further condemnation after he threatened to strike 52 targets

Donald Trump has prompted further condemnation after he threatened to strike 52 targets, some apparently civilian sites, if Iran retaliates over the US assassination of military commander Qassem Soleimani.

As bombs fell near the US embassy in Baghdad, the US president was labelled a “monster” and accused of plotting war crimes after promising swift retribution at high level targets “important to Iranian culture”.

Mourners crowded around military personnel unloading Soleimani’s casket covered with an Iranian flag from a plane at Ahvaz International Airport in Tehran. A tide of mourners chanted furiously as his coffin was driven through tens of thousands in the streets of the southwestern city Ahvaz where funeral processions began.

You hear a lot of talk about how Australia’s always had bushfires, that it’s always burning, and it’s true, these things have happened since time immemorial. But there’s this sense among people who’ve been fighting fires much longer than I have that the climate has changed — not necessarily that this has caused the fires but that it has contributed in some way. The country is much drier than it was.

Another two arrested are thought to be ground crew. Lebanon has also confirmed it has received an Interpol arrest warrant for Ghosn, though it is not clear whether it plans to comply. Japan and Lebanon have no extradition treaty.

“That means only one thing – the fires are moving quickly and burning profusely.

“It took a run of about 12km in two hours, which is just ridiculous. We have seen it before this season, up north, but we never thought for a second we’d experience it down here.”