Several hundred mostly Muslim men face having their property confiscated after being given “unpayable” fines

Several hundred mostly Muslim men face having their property confiscated after being given “unpayable” fines for allegedly vandalising police batons, motorbikes and loudspeakers during protests against a new Indian citizenship law.

Residents described the unprecedented fines as being part of a clampdown involving arbitary arrests and intimidation by the Hindu nationalist government in the state of Uttar Pradesh against the Muslim community over the demonstrations.

She stayed with him in hospital where he gave her carnations from under his pillow, but died painfully of radiation poisoning two weeks after the accident. 

Speaking to BBC News, Lyudmila said she had suffered abuse from viewers outraged that she had stayed in the hospital with her unborn baby, who lived for only four hours after being born.

But the prime minister has said he will not agree to such an extension, claiming there is ample time to negotiate a comprehensive deal covering all aspects of the current EU-UK relationship, from trade to internal security, transport and data-sharing.

The withdrawal agreement provides for a “moment of truth” on 1 July, by which time both sides will need to have agreed on prolonging the transition period or face running out of time.

Ms Maxwell has denied all accusations of wrongdoing. Buckingham Palace also denied Prince Andrew “had any form of sexual contact or relationship” with Ms Giuffre in a statement earlier this year.

The prince himself denied having any recollection of ever meeting Ms Giuffre, despite a photo showing the pair together from when the accuser was a young girl. Ms Maxwell appears in that photo off to the side, as the prince holds Ms Giuffre by her waist.

SAS troops also took part in the mission to hunt down and kill Islamic State commander. Al-Baghdadi is said to have fled into a tunnel before setting off an explosive vest, killing himself and three of his young children.