Dozens of fires will burn across Australia for weeks

Dozens of fires will burn across Australia for weeks, fire authorities say, including a “mega-fire”, already the size of greater Sydney, that is too big to put out. As of Saturday night, more than 100 fires were burning across the state of New South Wales, 18 of which potentially threatened lives and homes. More than 40 were burning across Queensland.

Mr Zubaydah has not been convicted of any crimes and was reportedly found not to be a member of the al-Qaida terror group, despite being held in various US black sites and eventually Guantanamo Bay since 2002. 

A US Senate report found the CIA had requested “reasonable assurances” that Mr Zubaydah would remain in “isolation and incommunicado for the remainder of his life” in an effort to ensure the details of his torture would never become public.

The ex-cop, who left the Policia Judiciaria after a torture trial former Madeleine McCann chief investigator Goncalo Amaral was also implicated in, will remain a free man pending an appeal. It emerged Pereira Cristovao was facing trial in March when he played a prominent role in Netflix documentary The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

Rates of school dropouts, child marriage, domestic violence, prostitution and sexual exploitation are all surging as the United Nations warns that a third of the country’s 15 million population are at risk of starvation.

At St Albert’s mission hospital in central Zimbabwe, Sister Melania Nyamukuwa tracks the scale of the emergency through the wretchedness of her female patients.

When she discovered the damage, the men allegedly posed as passersby who were willing to help, with Jollu Shiva taking the scooter away so it could be repaired. Officers say Shiva actually dumped the scooter, then returned to the scene where the group allegedly dragged the woman into an abandoned compound where they believe the rape took place.