Beatrice and Eugenie have suffered a traumatic few days but put on brave faces

  • Beatrice and Eugenie have suffered a traumatic few days but put on brave faces
  • A royal aide has confirmed they will continue with the same limited royal duties
  • But the scandal may have a financial impact as well as being distressing

Even as Prince Andrew was penning that historic statement on Wednesday evening announcing his withdrawal from public life, the edict had gone out: protect the Princesses.

Watergate prosecutor Nick Ackerman has meanwhile told Newsweek that Ambassador Sondland’s explosive appearance on Wednesday represented a “tipping point” that will bring about the demise of the Trump presidency as the first daughter, Ivanka Trump, is ridiculed online by attempting to defend her father with a quote from 19th century diplomat Alexis de Tocqueville.

Key Points:

  • White House, Republicans discuss limiting Senate trial to two weeks
  • Witnesses tell impeachment inquiry Trump pushed ‘fictional narrative’
  • Watergate prosecutor says Sondland testimony was ‘tipping point’ for Trump
  • Ivanka Trump ridiculed for Twitter defence of father
  • President condemns Iran after curtailing of violent protests

It then sinks its fangs into the deer as it goes in for the kill on the muddy banks of the swamp in the Karwa forest. The shock of the attack sees the deer squirming but only for a brief moment as the snake quickly coils itself around its prey and wrestles until its lifeless.

He attacked the analysis of the IFS that it would affect all taxpayers, telling the Today programme, “I think they have got it wrong on this one,” and claimed that it was “not inevitable” that prices would rise as a result of higher taxes on businesses.

The party’s election manifesto includes:

  • A 50p “supertax” for anyone with an income of £125,000 or more.
  • A lowering of the threshold for the 45p income tax rate from £150,000 to £80,000.
  • A reversal of cuts to inheritance tax introduced by George Osborne, the chancellor at the time, a move that would hit middle-income families.
  • An increase in corporation tax from the present level of 19 per cent to 26 per cent in 2022.
  • An £11 billion windfall tax on oil and gas companies.
  • A new “second-homes tax” that would mean council tax on holiday homes increasing by 200 per cent.
  • A plan to spend £75 billion building 150,000 new council and social homes annually, within five years.

“Let’s hope that Bolsonaro doesn’t destroy Brazil. Let’s hope he does something good for the country… but I doubt that,” he said. The former president expressed dismay at alleged links between Bolsonaro and organized crime.